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Researchers with ICDDR,B, Save the Children-USA, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health collaborate on the study known as Projahnmo (Project to Advance the Health of Newborns and Mothers). This cluster randomized, controlled trial in rural Sylhet, Bangladesh evaluates community-based interventions to reduce neonatal mortality.









ICDDR,B – Centre for Health and Population Research  

International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) 

Save the Children-USA

Boston University (BU)

Helen Keller International (HKI)


The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHU) leads a consortium of outstanding organizations that serve as Partners in the Global Research Activity (GRA) to provide evidence of new interventions to improve maternal and child health and to reduce infectious diseases.  The Partnership has the collective strengths of current research and service programs in more than 50 developing countries, collaboration with more than 100 institutions in these countries, a broad range of skills and research experience, ongoing studies, and well-developed population laboratories.  The Partners provide leadership in the development of new interventions and have a strong record of productivity and influence on policy and programs.