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Family Spirit

Becoming A Family Spirit Affiliate

an affiliate with a family

Family Spirit is typically brought to families through an agency in the community known as an affiliate. Affiliates provide the administrative and personnel support necessary for successfully implementing the model and creating lifelong change.  Click the image to learn more about becoming an affiliate. 

Becoming an Affiliate


If you are interested in our program and training sessions, please fill out our Readiness Tool first. This tool gives us a good idea right away if our model is right for your needs and if your program has the capacity and buy-in to support implementation and sustainability of Family Spirit in your community. You can also reach out to us by phone or email through our Contact Us page on this website.  


A Family Spirit Leadership Team member will set up time to meet with your local program managers to further explain the Family Spirit Program, understand your program’s structure and needs, and answer any questions. The Family Spirit Leadership Team will share additional information about the program materials and costs.


Family Spirit and the potential program affiliate must agree on a scope of work (SOW) and budget prior to drafting a Model Agreement. Once the terms of the SOW and budget are finalized, a Model Agreement will be drafted and signed by both parties upon finalization. The details of this process will be clearly explained in early meetings with interested programs.


Once a potential affiliate indicates interest in moving forward with a contract, the training session will be tailored as needed to reflect program needs via a series of pre-training calls. A member of the Family Spirit Leadership Team will begin discussing training logistics and program readiness on these calls. They will also work with local program managers to discuss evaluation plans and provide technical assistance in this area.


Once the contract is signed and dates are set up for the multi-day training session, the new Family Spirit affiliate can work towards completing the final step prior to implementation: training!

Training is offered to all interested staff members in an affiliate program. However, each trainee must complete the training requirements listed on the Home Visitor Training page in order to be certified to use the curriculum and deliver lessons to enrolled families. In addition, at least one supervisory staff member for every 10 trained home visitors must be identified to participate in advanced training. See Advanced Training for Supervisors for more information.