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Family Spirit


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There are many exciting things going on with the Family Spirit Program. Below is more information on a few highlighted announcements. 


A recently-released informational video from the federal Tribal Home Visiting program features representatives from five Tribal Home Visiting grantees, three of which are Family Spirit users. In the video, educators and families talk about the value of home visiting through a community and cultural lens. 


Family Spirit will speak at the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) tribal convening that is happening in Albuquerque on October 29, 2018. At this meeting, representatives from Casey Family Programs will talk about what FFPSA is and why tribes should care. Family Spirit’s Marissa Begay will share an overview of the Family Spirit program. Family Spirit is the only evidence-based home-visiting program recognized by HomVEE designed for and by tribal communities. It has evidence to address maternal stress, substance use, depression and behavior problems, while promoting children’s earliest social, emotional and behavioral development and can be considered by tribal welfare systems as part of the new “Family First” Title IV E legislation that will allow tribes to allocate some of their child welfare funds for evidence-based early childhood home-visiting interventions to prevent child abuse, neglect and risk of having children placed in congregant foster care.