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Family Spirit


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There are many exciting things going on with the Family Spirit Program. Below is more information on a few highlighted announcements. 


A recently-released informational video from the federal Tribal Home Visiting program features representatives from five Tribal Home Visiting grantees, three of which are Family Spirit users. In the video, educators and families talk about the value of home visiting through a community and cultural lens. 


At this past year's Sixth National Summit on Quality in Home-Visiting Programs, the presentation titled Community Health Workers as Agents of Change in Tribal Home Visiting highlighted two of Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health's projects: Family Spirit, an evidenced-based, culturally tailored home visiting intervention for mothers and children, and Together on Diabetes, a family based diabetes prevention and management program for Native American youth. Presenters - Allison Ingalls, Rachel Chambers, and Kendrea Begay - discussed the evidence base for the effectiveness of using community health workers (CHWs) as change agents to address health disparities in Native and other low-resource communities and the importance of local CHWs in communities where there is a shortage of providers and potential cultural and socioeconomic barriers to care. It was great to be able to share some of our "tools of the trade" in home-visiting and hear from members of the audience about ways that they envision CHWs serving their communities. 


The new year, 2017, will start off no different than the past couple of years with our training team hard at work traveling and welcoming new Family Spirit affiliates to our growing network. In early January, our Senior Trainers head to Oklahoma City to train a team at the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic. At the end of January, we will conduct a training with a group from the Sacramento Area Indian Health Service in Sacramento, CA. A couple of weeks later, in early February, trainers and trainees will be in Albuquerque, NM for another engaging training week. 

We anticipate confirming more training dates and locations in the coming months and look forward to working with all of our current and new affiliates. After expanding to our 16th state at the end of 2016, it is certainly an exciting time to be part of this work. The Family Spirit Team is always happy to welcome new affiliates into our family and expand the program to communities and families that are in need.