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January 18, 2018
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The following papers have been discussed in monthly meetings:

NOVEMBER 2011 READING.  Paper by LaVeist.  

November 2007: Frohlich, K.L., Dunn, J.R., McLaren, L., Shiell, A., Potvin, L., Hawe, P., et al. (2007). Understanding place and health: a heuristic for using administrative data. Heath and Place, 13:299-309.

December 2006: The Corner, A Year in the Life of an Inner City Neighborhood (pp. 57-74) by David Simon and Edward Burns, Broadway books.

April 2005: Rhodes T, Singer M, Bourgois P, Friedman SR and Strathdee SA. The social structural production of HIV risk among injection drug users. Social Science and Medicine 2005, in press.

March 2005: "Understanding neighborhood dynamics: A review of the contributions of William G Grigsby" by IF Megbolugbe, MC Hock-Smit and PD Linneman (Urban Studies, 1996;33(10):1779-1795) 

March 2005: "Counterfactual models of neighborhood effects: the effect of neighborhood poverty on dropping out and teenage pregnancy" by David J Harding (American Journal of Sociology. 2003;109:676-719)

November 2004: "Spatial accessibility of primary health care: concepts, methods and challenges" by Mark F Guagliardo (International Journal of Health Geographics. 2004;3:3)

April 2004: "The (mis)estimation of neighborhood effects" by J. Michael Oakes

March 2004: "Ecometrics" by Steven W. Raudenbush and Robert J. Sampson

February 2004: "Neighborhood disorder and depression: multilevel relationships at three levels of aggregation" by Aaron Curry. 

November 2003: "Why is poverty unhealthy? Social and physical mediators" by Deborah Cohen et al

April 2003: "The effects of migration on the detection of geographic differences in disease risk" by Peter A. Rogerson and Daikwon Han

March 2003: "Invited Commentary: Advancing Theory" by Patricia O'Campo

January 2003: "Persistence, intensity and areal extent of violence against women" by Keith Harries and Eric Kovandzic

November 2002: "Place effects on health" by Sally Macintyre et al