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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

AIDS Linked to the Intravenous Experience Study

Clinic Staff

The ALIVE study is home to professors, researchers, clinicians, students and staff with a wide range of scientific expertise and interests, all connected with the common goal of studying HIV/AIDS in a cohort of injecting drug users in Baltimore, Maryland.

The clinic staff work with study participants and are responsible for conducting interviews, performing physical examinations, taking vital signs, conducting functional assessments of strength and balance, drawing blood and coordinating its delivery to labs, completing all forms and documents and setting up participant appointments.


Project Director
Lisa McCall

Rosalind Franklin
Cheryl Hopson Boone
Wanda Snow

Front Desk/ Reception
Christine Payton

Nurse Practitioners
Eileen Hollander
Rachel Thomas
Kathleen Woodruff

Lab Technician
Akila Hadji
Ricardo Stinnette

EXACT Study Coordinator
Andrew Genz

Research Program Assistant
Laira Lucas

Peer Navigator
Anna Fowlkes