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Student Assembly

Rights & Responsibilities of Student Groups

Officially recognized student groups at the Bloomberg School have the following rights under the Student Assembly.

  1.  To have access to resources designated for the use of recognized student groups including, but not limited to:
    1. Ability to reserve rooms within the Wolfe St. Building and Hampton House building for group meetings or events;
    2. A group e-mail account;
    3. A group webpage
    4. Use of the Student Events Calendar
    5. Use of the student group resource room
    6. Inclusion of group name and description in the JHSPH Student Handbook
    7. Inclusion in all general Student Group fairs
  2. To organize and execute activities to take place in the Wolfe Street Building and Hampton House building involving persons not associated with the group and/or the School following approval of such activities by the office of Student Affairs.
  3. To advertise group meetings and/or approved activities in accordance with rules set forth by the School.
  4. To apply for funding from the Student Assembly and/or the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association for approved group activities.  
    1. Applications made to the Student Assembly for funding will only be considered after the Group President and Treasurer have signed releases verifying they have read and understood the Student Assembly funding guidelines and reimbursement guidelines.

Officially recognized student groups must continue to meet the following requirements to remain in good standing (not be placed on suspended status or have their recognition revoked).

  1. Membership and leadership in the group must be open to all members of the Student Association, and at least one officer position must be filled by a member of the Student Association of the School of Public Health at all times.
  2. The majority of the activities of the Group should be held at the East Baltimore Campus unless there are justifiable reasons why most activities must be held elsewhere.
  3. The group must abide by all University and Student Assembly regulations with regards to activity approvals, fund-raising, solicitation and advertising.
  4. Group membership and activities shall not exclude or dissuade participation based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, disability or political or other opinion, nor shall group activities be of a nature considered inappropriately discriminatory, hate-based or incendiary.
  5. The Group must have a constitution on file that provides at minimum a statement of purpose, procedures for election of new leadership and provisions for officer positions consisting of at least a President or Coordinator and a Treasurer.
  6. The group must not make claims to represent the JHSPH or the Student Assembly.
  7. The Group must maintain communications with the Student Assembly Vice President for Student Groups, including at minimum:
    1. Submission of an updated list of officers after each Group election or by the end of the calendar year – whichever comes earlier
    2. A reasonably updated webpage, including at minimum the Group Statement of Purpose or Mission Statement and contact information
    3. Reasonably prompt response to communication from the Student Assembly or Administration of the School
    4. Attendance by at least one group officer at any mandatory group leader sessions