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Latino Public Health Network

Latino Public Health Network

The Latino Public Health Network seeks to foster a strong awareness of Latin American issues among the Bloomberg School community through cultural, educational and social activities.

We want to create a network of Bloomberg School students, faculty and alumni with roots or interests in the various Latino and Latin American cultural identities, healthcare issues and research.

This is accomplished through events and programming designed to increase awareness and appreciation for these issues, and by linking together students, faculty, and alumni committed to Latino and Latin American public health issues to promote service, professional development and socio-cultural exchange.

The goals of the Latino Public Health Network are to:

  • Increase the awareness among student and faculty at the Bloomberg School about Latin American social and cultural issues
  • Serve as a peer support system for incoming students from Latin America, as well as coordinate efforts to promote training and internships in Latin American countries
  • Develop a network of people interested in public health issues in Latin America

For more information, you can contact the Latino Public Health Network directly.