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::Updated for 20010 Trip::


A tagged house in New OrleansThe Anna Baetjer Society is pleased to announce their support for an annual trip to New Orleans to continue the commitment of JHSPH students to recovery efforts. If you are interested in taking part in the New Orleans 2009-2010 trip, please contact Tiffany Riser:

In January 2007, 12 MPH and PhD students traveled to New Orleans to work with several grassroots and advocacy organizations. Their overall goal was to lend support to these groups as they work for short-term relief and long-term recovery in the affected regions. They were able to apply our skills and labor directly to public health concerns through work with ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and the RALLY Foundation (Recovery Act Learning Laboratory). Students participated in gutting homes, survey administration, and data analysis. This public health experience provided direct contact with public health professionals and gave everyone an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the New Orleans community, bridging the divide often found between academia and research, with that of practical hands-on experience.

Click here to view a PowerPoint slideshow of the group's experience from previous years.