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Student Assembly

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Communications Committee

For general questions contact

Community Affairs Committee

Finance & Appropriations Committee

Student Group Funding Information

  • If you are an SA approved Student Group, you have access to Student Group Funding through SA. Please fill out the Budget Application form for your event and submit to

  • Applications are due by the 1st of each month by 11:59pm, for events during that month.  For example, for an event to be held in August, please submit your budget application by August 1st, 11:59pm. Only Budget Applications for the current month will be reviewed (for example, a budget application for an event in October will not be reviewed if sent in for an August 1st deadline.  The budget application must be sent in for the October 1st deadline.). If you plan to hold an event during the first week of the month, please submit your budget application by the 20th of the previous month by 11:59pm (for example, an event held September 3rd must have a budget application submitted by August 20th).

  • Budget Applications are reviewed by the Finance & Appropriations Committee.  You may be asked questions for clarification on your budget application.  You will receive notification of your budget application approval by the end of the first week of the month (one week after the deadline for submission).

Ordering Food For Your Event & Reimbursements

  • Whenever possible, when ordering food for your event or meeting, please use Foodify (  This allows you to avoid personally making a purchase.  See below for Foodify reimbursement procedure. To obtain a Foodify account, please contact

  • Remember all purchases are tax exempt, you can view our Tax Exemption Certificate here .You will not be reimbursed for tax.

Directions for Reimbursements

  • Please fill out the Budget Action form with the appropriate information, and send to no later than one week after your date of purchase, along with any electronic receipts. Paper receipts must be dropped off in the Student Affairs office, room E2001, to Steve Bazetta after submitting your Budget Action form. You will not be reimbursed without a receipt. Please note, purchases of gift cards will only be reimbursed up to $25 per gift card (school policy). Personal reimbursements can not exceed $1,000.00.

  • For vendor reimbursement, vendors must fill out a vendor reimbursement form, and you still need to complete a Budget Action form***.  On the Budget Action form, instead of checking the box next to personal reimbursement, please check the box for vendor reimbursement, and fill out the relevant information for the vendor.

  • ***If the vendor is Foodify, you do not need to fill out a vendor form, but you do need to fill out a Budget Action Form, check the box next to “vendor reimbursement” and under vendor information, please write “Foodify.”  Foodify will email you an invoice, which you need to submit along with your Budget Action Form.


Quality of Life Committee

Social & Cultural Committee

  • S&C co-hosted a pumpkin carving event with the GSA SOM on 10/26/17. It was a success!
  • Halloween Happy Hour Event at Flavor! on 10/27/17 was also a success! 
  • A hiking trip to Great Falls is happening 11/4/17.
  • An on-site winter semi-formal (Yule Ball!) is planned for 12/2/17. 
  • The *Formal* has been postponed until Spring 2018. 

Honors & Awards Committee

  • Check back later to remain up to date on the committee!

Student Groups Committee

  • Check back later to remain up to date on the committee!