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Records & Registration

Pass/Fail Option

Students at the Bloomberg School of Public Health may elect to take courses on a Pass/Fail basis only with the consent of their academic advisor. Each department has determined for its own students which courses may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. Students should consult their departmental requirements for specific grading requirements when considering the Pass/Fail option. Students who must submit grades to employers, to funding agencies, or to other academic programs should also consult the appropriate offices before electing the Pass/Fail option. 

Instructors are expected to evaluate student performance without regard to grading status and to give students appropriate feedback regarding their performance throughout the term. A grade of 'P' will be recorded on the official grade roster for those students who have elected the Pass/Fail option and whose performance would otherwise be rated as 'A', 'B', or 'C'.  Instructors should assign a grade of 'D' to students who register for a course Pass/Fail and do the equivalent of 'D' work and 'F' for students who do the equivalent of 'F' work.

If an advisor, student, or department needs to know the specific grade a student earns, the student should not be permitted to enroll for Pass/Fail. There will be no retroactive changes from regular grading to Pass/Fail and vice versa. If a student transfers to a program that requires a standard letter grade for a course taken on a Pass/Fail basis, the student must either repeat the course or obtain a waiver from the department.

Deadlines for filing Pass/Fail requests will be adhered to without exception. Pass/Fail forms cannot be accepted after the published deadlines for each term. All students should consider carefully before exercising the Pass/Fail option. Pass/Fail or Letter grade, once elected, may not be reversed on the student¹s official academic record.  Changes to or from Pass/Fail after the published Add/Drop period, are subject to a $50 late change fee


The Pass/Fail form can be found here.