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Records & Registration

Interdivisional Registration

Interdivisional registration permits students in other schools of the University to be admitted to courses at the Bloomberg School on a space-available basis without the formalities of application. Likewise, Bloomberg School students may enroll interdivisionally in courses offered by other divisions. When a course is taken “interdivisionally” it is part of the student’s home academic record. An interdivisional registration form must be submitted to the student’s home school for review; final approval for enrollment is determined by the division hosting the course. Students are expected to have met any course registration restrictions and obtained any enrollment approvals prior to submitting the interdivisional request.

Because not all divisions of the University share the same grading policies or academic calendar, interdivisional registrants should consult their home division’s Office of Records and Registration to learn the appropriate grade, credit, and term conversions among divisions.

Non-degree students are not eligible to register interdivisionally. Non-degree students interested in taking a course at another division will need to register with that division in a specific student category.

Students and post-doctoral fellows already registered full-time during the nine-month academic year need not pay additional tuition to the host division that has approved the interdivisional registration. Part-time students will be charged at the per credit rate.  There is no interdivisional registration for the Winter Intersession or Summer Institute. Interdivisional registration in the regular Summer term is restricted. Students should consult their home division’s Office of Records and Registration for more information. 

Bloomberg School students will receive grades, but will not earn academic credit for courses that are lower level undergraduate. Courses numbered below xxx.300 are considered lower level undergraduate,
e.g., AS 381.101, Beginning Hindi I.

Enrollments in other University divisions need not be taken “interdivisionally.” Those students who want to pursue coursework that has no applicability to the Bloomberg School program may register directly with the other University division; fees will be assessed at that division’s rates.