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Records & Registration

Add/ Drop Policy

Registration changes may be made without penalty up through end of the second week of class in any term. For courses offered during the Summer, Summer Institute, and Winter Intersession terms, course-specific Add/ Drop deadlines will apply. Students must obtain the instructor's permission for each course added to their official registration during the add/drop period. It is the instructor's prerogative to deny a student's request to add a class during the Add/ Drop period. The advisor's approval is the only one required for a student dropping a course during the prescribed Add/ Drop period.

Degree seeking students may add or drop courses during the add/drop period via Self Service.

Special Students Limited must use the add/drop form which is available in the Student Affairs Suite or accessible here.

Schedule Change/Course Withdrawal

After the Add/ Drop period has ended, students may continue to make changes via the paper form -- no changes can be made online -- through the end of the 6th week of class with the following penalties:

  • Dropped courses will result in a "W" (Withdrawn) on the transcript
  • A $50 late change fee will be assessed for added courses and changes to or from Pass/Fail
  • No changes to or from audit will be accepted
  • There is no tuition refund for withdrawn courses