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Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Home

Academic Ethics
Interactive training module for Academic Ethics.

Course Search
Advanced search tool for courses offered at the School.

Class Registration
Do all your class registration online. Requires a JHED login.

How to request an official transcript from the School.

My Grades
Find grades listed for every course. Requires a JHED login.

Add/Drop Form
Download, print and submit completed form to the Records and Registration Office.

Academic Calendar
Important dates for the current academic year.

Course Evaluation
Search current and archived evaluations for insight into courses.

Student Handbook
More than 80 pages of detailed information about the School
(PDF on the portal).

Enrollment Verification Form
Verify enrollment here.

Degree Programs
Browse information about doctoral, master's, non-credit and combined programs.

Current Catalog
2011-2012 Academic Catalog (PDF).

Pass/Fail Policy
Policies and forms related to the option to pass/fail a course.

Browse the internationally renowned online repository of archived course materials.

Centers and Institutes
Browse a list of all School centers, institutes and programs.

Research Administration
Introduction to the office that offers research funding and support, with a link to the School’s portal.

Changes to Personal Information
How to make changes to personal information, including name, address and SSN.

FERPA Policy and Release of Directory Information Form
Information regarding the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). Students wishing to withhold any portion of their Directory Information should print the form and submit it to the Records and Registration Office.

Records and Registration Office
Overview of the services provided by the Office. External web page with link to the School’s portal.