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Tuition and Fees, 2012-2013


Master of Public Health (MPH) Program
Full-time MPH (11 months)
$55,380/ $11,076 per term (5 terms)
Part-time/Internet-based (PTIB) MPH (2-3 years)
$923 per credit unit / 80 credits
Doctoral (DrPH, PhD, ScD) and Master's (MHA, MHS, MPP, MSPH, and ScM) Programs
Full-time students per nine-month academic year
$44,304/ $11,076 per term (4 terms)
Part-time students
$923 per credit unit / credits vary by degree program
Postdoctoral Fellows
Four-term program
$800 / $200 per term
Special Students/Others

Full-time students
Part-time students
Special Student Limited

$11,076 per term
$923 per credit unit
$923 per credit unit

Full-time students: 12 or more credits per term
Part-time students: 11 or fewer credits per term


Application fee: $45
Matriculation fee: $500
Leave of absence fee: $50 per term
Activity fee: $40
Late payment fee: $100
Late registration fee: $100
Late course change fee: $50
Course fee: optional, varies by course
Returned check fee: $25
Health Clinic fee:  $450

An Enrollment Deposit of $600 is required for all admitted degree candidates. This deposit is applied to your student account as a credit toward all tuition and fees assessed upon enrollment.

Application Fee -Degree Seeking Students Only

The online application, available at at “Apply Online,” is $45 per application.

Matriculation Fee

A one-time fee assessed to all new degree candidates to offset costs associated with registration, record keeping, and graduation. (Please note: This fee is separate from the enrollment deposit.)

Leave of Absence Fee

A $50 fee assessed per term (excluding summer) for students who are on official leave of absence.

Activity Fee

A one-time fee assessed to all new degree candidates.

Late Payment Fee

A fee assessed without exception for self-payment portions paid after the posted payment due date for each term.

Late Registration Fee

A fee assessed for registering or changing courses after the posted registration and add/drop dates. No changes may be accepted during the last two weeks of each term.

Late Course Change Fee

A fee assessed for adjusting a course schedule after the posted add/drop deadline for a term. No changes may be accepted during the last two weeks of each term.

Course Fee

A fee sometimes charged by the department to cover the cost of printing for course packs, handouts, etc. Consult the course description for any associated course fee.

Returned Check Fee

A fee assessed without exception for any check returned to the School by a banking institution. The School reserves the right to refuse future payments by personal check from any student once a fee has been assessed.

Health Clinic Fee

A $450 health service fee will be assessed quarterly (first four terms) in the amount of $112.50 to all full-time students with or without the student health plan. The health service fee is assessed to offset the cost associated with health insurance.  (Please note: This fee is non-refundable.)