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Financial Aid

Financial Aid FAQs

What Is The Deadline To Apply For Financial Aid?

Applications for financial aid are processed on a rolling basis; however, students should be aware of the following recommended filing dates:

  • New students entering full-time summer or fall start programs should apply by March 15th.
  • Returning students should apply by May 31st or no later than the posted filing date for the term in which they wish to receive aid. 
  • Students in part-time programs should apply no later than the posted filing date for the term in which they wish to receive aid.

How Do I Apply For A Scholarship?

For information about scholarships, please visit the scholarships page. Merit-based scholarship assistance may be provided by your academic department/program. Typically, your admission application also serves as your application for merit-based scholarship assistance; therefore, no additional forms are required. Visit the Types of Financial Aid web page and follow the instructions provided under Application Procedures to apply for need-based scholarships.

I'm An International Student - Can I Apply For Financial Aid?

Financial aid for students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States is extremely limited. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident in order to receive federal student aid (loans and work-study).

Merit-based scholarship assistance may be provided by your academic department/program and no application is required.  A limited number of need-based scholarships is awarded by the financial aid office.

International students may also apply for a private education loan.  See Private Education Loans for details.

For more information, review the international students page.

How Can I Find Out If My Aid Application Is Complete?

At the Bloomberg School, admitted students have 24/7 access to their financial aid information via the JHU Student Information System (SIS).  Once you log in with your SIS ID:

  • Select the Financial Aid tab
  • Click the View Financial Aid tab
  • Select Menu (upper left corner)
  • Select To Do List 

Required application documents will have a status of either received or not received. Go to Online Services and the SIS Message Board for more details on your SIS financial aid record.

What Is A SIS ID and How Do I Obtain One?

The SIS ID is a unique, temporary 8-character, alpha numeric identifier assigned to all new students. The SIS ID is used to authenticate new student access to SIS online services. Newly admitted students will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office informing them of their SIS ID. Current students must use their JHED ID and Password to access SIS. 

I Can't Locate The Email. Can You Resend My SIS ID?

Yes. Send an email to with the subject "SIS ID" and include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your permanent address

What Is A JHED ID And How Do I Obtain One?

Shortly prior to enrollment all new students are automatically assigned and notified of their JHED ID. The JHED ID will replace the SIS ID that was assigned when you were admitted to your program.

How/When Will I Be Notified of My Financial Aid Award?

Your academic department/program will notify you directly if you are selected for any merit-based scholarship assistance.

Processing of your aid application will take approximately 2-4 weeks from when your application became complete. The Financial Aid Office will send you an email when your aid application has been processed. You must log in to your SIS record to view and take action on your awards. Once you are logged in to SIS:

  • Select the Financial Aid tab
  • Select the View Financial Aid link
  • Select Menu (upper left corner)
  • Select Accept Awards and follow the remaining online instructions
  • Agree to the "Terms and Conditions" by clicking the checkbox and the "Submit" button

You will then be able to view and take action on your awards.