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Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance includes direct expenses; tuition and fees which are billed by the school and, indirect expenses; which are estimated living expenses. The living allowance is developed in compliance with federal regulations for determining eligibility for federal student aid (loans and work-study funding). These values should only be used as an estimate. Your actual costs will vary based upon the selection of books, supplies, and living arrangements. 

Estimated Cost of Attendance for 2019-2020

Direct Costs*9 Months11 Months
Tuition (full-time)$55,776$69,720
Health Insurance 3,2603,912
Health Fee    850  850
Matriculation Fee (one time new students)       500       500
Activity Fee (one time new students)         40         40
Total Direct Costs$60,426$75,022
Indirect Costs (full-time)9 Months11 Months
Board 4,500   5,500
Books and Supplies2,000   2,500
Transportation3,600  4,400
Personal2,025   2,475
Total Indirect Costs  $22,475    $27,525

Total Cost of Attendance



*Direct costs subject to change without prior notice. Click here to learn more about tuition and fees.