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Healthy and Quick On-Campus Eating Options

Because so much time is spent running from class to class and study session to study session, knowing where to eat on-campus is very important.  Even in the midst of so many of the unhealthy food options there are some healthy choices one can make. 

Here are a couple of things to think about when trying to make healthy food choices at the on-campus dining facilities:

Be careful of fried foods

  • Choose baked items instead of high-fat fried foods.

Watch portion size

Choose low-fat protein options

  • If chicken or fish are available, choose them over pork and beef.

Beware of the salad bar

  • This may appear to be a healthy option, but the salad dressing can turn a healthy meal into a very high-fat meal.

Hold the mayo

  • When making a sandwich, limit the amount of mayonnaise to cut down on the fat.

Choose low-fat or non-fat dairy items

Make health beverage choices

  • Choose 100% fruit juices or water instead of sodas.

On-campus restuarants (click here to see a listing of restuarants and other eating facilities on campus)

Off-campus eating