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Why You Should Eat a Healthy Lunch

  • Having a good lunch is important because it gives you the energy to stay alert in class. (Just be sure to stay away from heavy meals so you don't end up nodding off at your desk.)
  • A satisfied stomach also won't growl every minute, allowing you and your neighbors to concentrate.
  • Choosing to eat healthy can be cheaper than buying quick snacks. For example, a $1.25 hotdog at the food cart with an 80-cent bag of chips and a 99-cent cup of soda adds up to a little more than $3 with very little nutrition.
  • A better choice would be buying a ham or turkey sandwich and bringing along a refillable bottle of water from home. Cost: $2.75.
  • You could also save more money by making your lunch at home.
    -2002 IslandScene Online

Tips on Eating a Quick and Healthy Lunch

  • Stock up on lunch possibilities when you shop for groceries. Think simple -- a loaf of whole wheat bread and a jar of peanut butter; a package of corn tortillas, a can of black beans, and some fresh tomatoes; frozen veggie burgers, whole grain hamburger buns, and a jar of roasted sweet peppers. Throw together a few of your favorite ingredients, and see what happens!
  • On days when you buy a sandwich, go to a place that'll make one to order. Ask for turkey or roast beef, extra tomatoes and onions, and only a smidge of mayonnaise. Better yet, opt for mustard. Don't get tuna if it's mixed with lots of mayo. By skipping that eggy, oily spread, you'll cut back the fat and cholesterol significantly.
  • Prepare lunch items the night before right after dinner. This saves on clean-up time. Store food properly. In the morning pack foods in the lunch box.  
  • Don’t forget food safety. If refrigeration is not available, use insulated lunch boxes or bags with frozen ice or gel packs.
  • Make your dessert a nutritious part of your lunch. Use fresh fruits (melon, grapes, apple slices) instead of candy bars or high fat cookies.
    -1999 A Healthy Me
    -Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service
    -University of Illinois Extension

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