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Healthy Eating: Tips for On- and Off-Campus Eating

"Scheduling meal times is important. Regular intake of food keeps you energetic through the day. It ensures a digestive system that frees you of acidity, ulcers and other systemic dysfunctions. You feel less inclined to snack between meals and this prevents unnecessary weight gain." —2000

Eating on the go is often a way of life for students at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Because of the busy lifestyle of a student, making healthy choices can seem too difficult or time consuming. As a result, "fast foods" are often the selected choice and eating healthy becomes less and less of a priority or part of their daily schedules. 

The most common reason students opt for "fast foods" are accessibility, cost and taste. However, with a little planning, and some helpful tips from this web page, eating healthy can become as much a part of students' daily lives as studying. 

This web page was developed to make "eating healthy" as quick, tasty and accessible as fast foods options. Below you will find tips on what to eat, where to eat and several resources that will aid you in making food choices that will be better for your health and well being.

Tips for meals on the go

Places to eat
ON Campus
OFF Campus

Other resources (Features links to recipes, tips for eating on a budget and much more)
Take the food pyramid quiz

Where can I sit quietly and enjoy my lunch?

Hear what students are saying

Eat the way you know you should! Use these guides to help you overcome the barriers of time, cost, and location.

1. Get the Whole Picture on Food:  The Tipbook!
    Check out this guide for healthy tips and recipes!

2. Markets! 
   Use this handy sheet to locate ethnic and outdoor markets
   around Baltimore.

3. Under 5 bucks!
   So there's no such thing as lunch, but you can find a healthy
   and tasty one for under $5 on and 
nearby the JHSPH campus.
   Check this guide and map for more information.