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Why You Should Eat a Healthy Dinner

  • Eating a healthy dinner will provide you with the energy needed to stay awake for your late night studying
  • Eating a healthy dinner at the right time will hold off late night junk food cravings while you are studying. 
  • Without food in your system, stress hormones will kick in to keep you going but at a high cost--you'll be exhausted later.
  • Eating a healthy dinner will help you maintain your weight.  When you make a habit of missing meals, your body starts conserving calories and your metabolism slows down.

Tips on Eating a Quick and Healthy Dinner

  • Try to stay away from coffee and candy. Neither one will give you sustained energy.
  • For sandwiches, burritos, and pizza, choose either cheese or meat, but not both.
  • Eat dinner Optimally at
  • Dinner needs to be lighter than lunch, but just as nutritive and balanced. Do not skip this meal. It keeps your system ticking for the next twelve hours or so.
  • Save your time! Cook for more than one meal.
  • When you have an hour to make something special, double the recipe so you'll have enough to refrigerate or freeze for another dinner!
    -A Healthy Me

Healthy dinner recipes (click here for healthy dinner recipes)