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Student Accounts & Business Services

Special Students Limited—Regular Term Enrollment

New Students

Non-degree seeking students may register for classes for academic credit as a Special Student Limited.

Special Students Limited may register for a maximum of 16 credits. More information about Special Students Limited can be found in the Bloomberg School’s guidebook.

Instructions for New Special Students Limited

  1. Application: Please complete the Online Application if registering for academic credit for the first time. Select Regular 8-Week Courses as your Non-Degree Opportunity of Interest.
  2. Instructor's Permission: Obtain permission to register by sending an email to the instructor and requesting permission to take the course. You may be asked to provide brief background information, such as education history and purpose for taking the course. You are not required to provide official transcripts, but it is best to include a brief synopsis in your initial email to the instructor. Once you are granted permission from the instructor, forward that email to You can find the instructor’s email address along with course information in the course catalog.
  3. Registration: Special Students Limited cannot self-register for regular academic term enrollments. Once Instructor permission has been received, JHSPH staff will process your registration.
    1. New students: Please be advised you must enroll in desired class(es) within 60 days of completing your online application.  If enrollment is not completed within the allotted time frame you will not be permitted to access self-service.  You will be required to contact Continuing Education Student Services (410) 502-8053 to gain access to self-service.  Your access to self-service will be restored 2 hours following update made by Continuing Education Student Services.
    2. Returning students: Your class enrollment privileges for class(es) must be reactivated following 60 days of the last term registered.   If your access to self-service has been discontinued please contact Continuing Education Student Services (410) 502-8053 to have your enrollment privileges restored.  Your access to self-service will be restored 2 hours following update made by Continuing Education Student Services.

  4. Payment: Payment for tuition and fees must be made prior to the first day of the term. New students will receive instructions for logging in to our student system and making an online payment. Payments for tuition not received by the first day of the term will result in a dropped enrollment. Late re-registrations will be charged a $100 late registration fee. Registrations during the add/drop period require payment in full, including a $100 late registration fee. Please check the academic calendar for registration deadlines.

    In the event a student is unable to pay online, payments may be submitted to the JHBSPH Student Accounts and Business Services Office, 615 N. Wolfe Street, Suite W1101, Baltimore, MD 21205.

    If using Tuition Remission, please scan and email a completed and signed Tuition Remission form to Please do not include your SSN on the form if sending electronically.

  5. If you are planning on registering for an online course, you must first complete Introduction to Online Learning (IOL). This course is free of charge and must be completed prior to registration in an online course.
  6. All new students registering for academic credit will automatically be enrolled in Academic & Research Ethics, a zero-credit, zero-cost required course.

Continuing/Returning Special Students

Continuing Special Students Limited need to submit instructor permission, then follow Steps # 3, 4 and 5 listed above.