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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
October 23, 2017
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What is a Special Student Limited?

Special Student Limited (SS-LTD) is a category of student who is permitted to register for courses for academic credit but who are not currently enrolled in an academic degree program. No more than 16 units of credit may be accumulated (including non-institute coursework) by an SS-LTD. Instructor consent is required for Regular 8-Week Term courses, but is not required for Institute courses.

Registering as a New Special Student Limited for 8-Week Regular Term Courses

The first step in registering as a new Special Student Limited is completing the Public Health Non-Degree Online Application, Select Regular 8-Week Courses as your Non-Degree Opportunity of Interest. SS-LTDs are not permitted to register online for regular term courses. However, instructor permission and full payment are required before registration is confirmed.

Instructor permission can be emailed to or faxed to 410-614-8633. Payment can be made over the phone by calling 410-502-8053 or in person at 615 N. Wolfe Street, Suite W1101, Baltimore, Maryland 21205. 

Within 24 to 72 hours after completing the Online Application, the new SS-LTD will receive an email containing a Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) Log-in ID (LID) along with instructions for creating a password. The JHED LID and password are needed to log in to ISIS ( Access to ISIS allows you to pay for courses, view registrations, update personal data, etc.

Registering as a Continuing Special Student Limited for 8-Week Regular Term Courses

Special Student Limiteds who registered after March 2010, and have a JHED LID, do not need to resubmit the Online Application. Online registration for SS-LTDs is not permitted during regular term courses. To register, instructor permission and payment are required. Email the instructor’s permission to Payments made can be made in person, over the phone or online at

Registering for Institute courses as a New Special Student Limited

New SS-LTD students (those students with no prior credit enrollments at the school) must apply to an Institute (see below for special instructions regarding “Decision” Institutes**). The application may be submitted online at:

The SS-LTD student will be asked if they want to take the course for credit. Select “Yes” to proceed with the credit enrollment process.

The new SS-LTD will receive an email with an ISIS ID and instructions on how to proceed to request their initial enrollment.

The ISIS ID can be used for the initial login and course request. Once the student processes an online request to register for a course for academic credit, an email will be sent, usually within 24-72 hours, with a permanent JHED Login ID (LID) and instructions to create a password. This will be the login and password to be used for subsequent entry into the online credit system (

New international students who do not have a U.S. government issued Social Security Number (SSN) will be assigned an “988” number to be used in place of an SSN. This number is required to create a password. You will be notified of your “988” number via email after your application is submitted. This number is only valid within Johns Hopkins University.

Once the student has a password, they may log in to ISIS Self-Service ( to register and pay. They may also use this login and password to enroll in additional institutes, with the exception of Gates, Leadership and H.E.L.P without re-applying. (See below for instructions regarding “Decision” Institutes.**)

Registering for Institute courses as a Continuing Special Student Limited

Continuing SS-LTDs who have previously enrolled in credit courses at the school are able to register online for Institute courses by logging into ISIS Self Service at using their JHED Login ID (LID) and password. Payment must be made at the time of registration in order to confirm enrollment. Instructor permission is not required to register for Institute courses.

"Decision" Institutes

Gates, Leadership and H.E.L.P are “decision” institutes meaning all students must apply and be accepted before they can enroll. New and Continuing students may apply at:

No account information will be sent to new applicants, and registration cannot be approved until the student is accepted. For more information about specific institutes, please go to: for Summer Institutes and for Winter Institutes.

Dropping Courses

Once enrolled, New and Continuing SS-LTDs may access their record via ISIS Self Service (

Students wishing to drop an institute course may do so by selecting the “Registration - Add/Drop Classes? option from the Registration menu under their Public Health/SS-LTD student instance.

Once the online deadline closes for an Institute, add/drop requests must be submitted directly to the Institute coordinator for approval.

Billing and Payment

New and Continuing SS-LTDs may make payment immediately by accessing the Enrollment Payment option or by going to the Billing menu within ISIS Self-Service. Online registration requests will be held in a pending status until tuition payment is made and the account reviewed.

Questions regarding billing and payment should be directed to the Student Accounts Office, 410-955-5725.

Special Note to School of Medicine Post Docs

School of Medicine Post Docs must enroll as SS-LTDs to take Institute courses for academic credit. They should follow the instructions above based on whether or not they were previously enrolled at the school as an SS-LTD.

Vouchers for payment must be obtained at the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office. The School of Medicine will pay up to the non-credit rate for courses taken for academic credit. The remaining balance is the responsibility of the student.                                                                                                                                                             


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