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October 17, 2017
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What’s the difference between Summer Institute and Summer Term?

Summer Institute programs are offered from May thru August by several academic departments within the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dates and times of the courses vary by department. For some Institutes, no application requirements are needed; while other Institutes require approval before enrollment is granted.

Our Regular 8-week Summer Term is part of our five-term academic year. Each term is comprised of approximately 37 class days. Summer Term for AY2011-12 begins on June 29th and ends on August 19th.

What is a Special Student Limited?

By definition, a Special Student Limited is: “a person….permitted to enroll for selected courses of special interest, and whose attendance is limited to those courses for which the individual instructor has given explicit consent to enter. No more than 16 credit units of coursework may be accumulated by a special student limited.”      

For more information regarding Special Student Limited status, please visit our School Catalog ( You may also contact our Registrar’s Office at 410-955-3552 or

I want to register for two different Summer Institutes. Do I need to submit two separate applications?

It depends on the individual Summer Institute’s admission requirements. Three of our Institutes – Gates, Leadership, and HELP -- have requirements for course registration and require submission of a separate online application. Acceptance is then determined by the Institute after submission of the requirements.

What is the cost to audit a course?

The cost to audit a course is the same as registering for a letter grade or pass/fail, and the fee is based on the number of the course’s academic credits. A grade of “AU” is indicated on transcripts for audited courses. The course must be offered for audit, and Instructor permission must be granted in order to audit the course.

Are all courses available for both academic credit and non-credit?

No. The academic department determines if courses are offered for non-credit and academic credit. Some courses are offered only for credit, and some are offered only for non-credit.

How do I enable my cookies?

From your browser toolbar, select the following:

Internet Options



Check the “Always allow session cookies” box

Click OK

Can I apply for Financial Aid to pay for my Summer Institute courses?

Typically, Financial Aid is available only for students enrolled in a degree-seeking program. However, there may be some exceptions. Please contact our Financial Aid office at 410-955-3004, or for further information. You may also visit their website at

Why do I need to re-apply if I registered for Summer Institute courses for academic credit prior to March 1, 2010?

In March 2010, we integrated a new student database with ISIS – our current student system-of-record.  Students who registered for academic credit courses prior to March 1, 2010, but not since, need to create a new student record which will enable them to log into ISIS Self-Service where they can view bills, make payment, register for courses, etc.

I forgot my Login ID and password. What do I do now?

You may retrieve your Login ID and password here:

I am a faculty member. Do I use my JHED LID to log into ISIS or my ISIS ID?

Faculty and staff wishing to take Summer Institute courses still need to complete the Online Application. You will then use your JHED LID and password to log into ISIS.


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