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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Seeking Credit through Regular Term Courses?
Seeking Credit Through Regular Term Courses

Instructions for Special Students Limited interested in enrolling in a regular 8-week term at the Bloomberg School.

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Seeking Credit through an Institute?
Seeking Courses Through an Institute

Instructions for Special Students Limited interested in enrolling in an institute program at the Bloomberg School.

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Are You a Non-Credit Student?
Non-Credit Student

Seeking to take an Institute course not-for-credit?

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Apply Now

New and returning students who do not have a JHED-ID must submit a new application.

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SIS Login

Log in to the Bloomberg School’s SIS system directly with your JHED-ID.

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Continuing Education

The Bloomberg School offers online courses, certificates and institute programs for professionals.

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Many individuals choose to take Bloomberg School courses without being formally enrolled in a degree program.

From institutes to online courses, there are many non-degree options here at the Bloomberg School.

A Special Student Limited is a type of non-degree seeking student interested in taking courses for academic credit. The Bloomberg School allows students to take up to 16 units of credit as a Special Student Limited. Students who wish to take classes as a Special Student Limited before applying to a certificate program should be aware that only 6 credits taken before matriculation into the certificate program may be applied towards the certificate program. 

To apply as a non-degree seeking student or Special Student Limited:

If you have additional questions about our non-degree options, you can contact the Bloomberg School’s continuing education student services or the Office of Continuing Education.