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The Office of Public Health Practice & Training

March 2013

An Epidemic of Super-Sized Proportions

Sara BliechSara Bleich, PhD, is an associate professor with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Department of Health Policy and Management. An obesity expert, her work aims to impact obesity prevention and control through policy change. She focuses on understanding the drivers of obesity, improving physician care of obese patients and developing innovative environmental strategies to reduce caloric intake. 

Bleich received a Paper of the Year award from the Obesity Society, Most Outstanding Abstract at the International Conference on Obesity, in Sydney, Australia, and was awarded the Graduate Prize Fellowship by Harvard University. 

Her articles and papers have appeared in the British Medical Journal, American Journal of Public Health, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Obesity, and International Journal of Obesity, among others.  She has authored a book chapter on Public Opinion and Obesity for American Public Opinion and Health Care Policy and published the report “Medical Errors: Five Years After the IOM Report” for the John F. Kennedy School of Government/Commonwealth Fund Bipartisan Congressional Health Policy Conference.

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