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The Office of Public Health Practice & Training

Practicum Opportunity Site

Practicum Opportunity Site (for preceptors)

The Practicum Opportunity Site (for preceptors) is the online system for preceptors to submit a practicum opportunity description to recruit a student. After submission, the opportunity is reviewed by the Practicum Team. Once approved, the opportunity is posted on the Practicum Opportunity Site Listings for students to review.  

To review detailed instructions about how to submit an opportunity, please click here. More information for preceptors is in the For Preceptors section of this website.

Template Practicum Opportunity Description

Sample Practicum Opportunity Description


Practicum Opportunity Site Listings (for students)

The Practicum Opportunity Site Listings displays various opportunities that have been identified and vetted by the Office of Public Health Practice and Training and SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center). Opportunities listed in the Practicum Opportunity Site also include general descriptions of JHSPH courses with an approved practicum component and pre-approved special studies practicums with JHSPH faculty members.

Please be sure to:

  • Be selective in your contact with preceptors and the number of applications you submit;
  • Review your options carefully in advance and only contact the preceptors that represent your strongest interests;
  • Limit your contact to no more than 3 preceptors.

All opportunities identified via the Practicum Opportunity Site still require approval of the Practicum Learning Plan before a student can begin working on the project. More information for students can be found in the For Students section of this website.