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The Office of Public Health Practice & Training

Forms and Documents for Students, Preceptors and Faculty

For Students
For Preceptors & Faculty
Useful Tools

For Students


Searching for Practicum Opportunities
Practicum Opportunity Site Listings
Tips on How to Navigate the Practicum Opportunity Site
MPH Goals Analysis Information
Informational Interview Guidance and Tips

Submit Practicum Opportunity for Approval
Practicum Learning Plan (online form to submit for approval)
Practicum Learning Plan Template (Microsoft Word version of online form)
**Note: It is highly encouraged to review the questions (via Template) before submitting the online form for approval.
Sample Completed Practicum Learning Plans
Health Dept Domestic  International  JHMI Faculty  Lab-Based  JHSPH Faculty  CBO
Course with Practicum Component

Progress Report (student)
Practicum Final Report (online form for submission)
Practicum Final Report Template (Microsoft Word version of online form)


For Preceptors & Faculty


General Information
MPH Practicum Information Sheet (1-pager)
MPH Practicum Information for Preceptors
MPH Practicum FAQ for Faculty & Academic Advisors
Preceptor Interest Form (submit if you are in the early stages of developing a practicum opportunity)

Submit Practicum Opportunity Description
Practicum Opportunity Site (for preceptors to submit a practicum opportunity)
How to Submit a Practicum Opportunity
Tips for Submitting a Practicum Opportunity
Template Practicum Opportunity Description
Sample Completed Practicum Opportunity Description: Example
Questions for Practicum Course Approval (for faculty with a potential course with a practicum component)

Finalizing Practicum after Identifying a Student
Practicum Learning Plan (online form that student submits for approval)
Practicum Learning Plan Template (Microsoft Word version of online form)

Progress Report (preceptor/faculty)
Final Evaluation of Student (preceptor/faculty)

Useful Tools

Example Practicum Timelines
Example Practicum Scenarios
Practicum Flow Chart
Example Timesheet Template
Tips for a Successful Practicum Experience
Travel Resources Checklist for International Projects
MPH Program Manual (Full-time)