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The Office of Public Health Practice & Training

Practicum Linked to Capstone

Students are encouraged to link the practicum and capstone requirements when appropriate.

The practicum and the capstone are two distinct requirements of the MPH program. The capstone project is an academic requirement that integrates the experience with the overall MPH curriculum. The intent of the practicum project is to align the activities with the student's career goals, as well as demonstrate application of public health concepts and critical thinking relevant to the student’s area of interest. The practicum experience may include group projects while the capstone must be an individual effort.

The practicum can be either practice-based or research-based experiences that may be linked to a capstone project. For example:

If a student decides to link the two requirements, the student should have discussions early on in the planning process with their Faculty Advisor, Capstone Advisor, and either the MPH Academic Administrator or the Practicum Coordinator to ensure that the two requirements are distinct.

This table compares the purpose and requirements for the practicum and the capstone.

  • Real-world applied experience, with partnering outside organization
  • Demonstrate application of public health concepts and skills
  • Engage in activities aligned with career goals
  • Under direction of and evaluated by outside preceptor
  • Culminating experience to synthesize, integrate, and apply public health skills and competencies
  • Under direction of and evaluated by JHSPH faculty member
  • Individual and/or Group Effort
  • 100 hours
  • Range of deliverables decided by preceptor, agreed upon by student. Deliverables are developed based on a public health practice need of the partnering organization.
  • Individual Effort
  • Approximately 15-25 page paper, double spaced, with executive summary
  • Oral Presentation (10-minutes)
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