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The Office of Public Health Practice & Training

Practicum Courses

Some courses at the Bloomberg School have a real-world practice component, connecting students to outside organizations and agencies.

Descriptions of courses with a practicum component and related information for each can be found on the Practicum Opportunity Site listings or on the online course catalog. Below are links to brief descriptions of the practicum component of the courses as well as a listing of the practicum courses.

Listing of the JHSPH Courses with an Approved Practicum Component

Course # and TitleTerm(s) OfferedPracticum Hours
300.615: Tools of Public Health Practice

(full-time students)

Summer or 3rd term (part-time/online students)

550.864: Baltimore Community Practicum (BCP)Must take 2nd & 3rd terms124-220
308.851: PHASE (Public Health Applications for Student Experience)Must take 2nd-4th terms120-230
BU 152.740 & BU 152.745 (Interdivisional): CITYLAB Toolkit & Practicum: Introduction to Urban Social Enterprise
For a brief description of the practicum component of the course, please review here. Students may complete 152.740 onsite (Baltimore or DC) or online. If completing 152.740 onsite, you must register for the corresponding onsite 152.745 course in the same city. 
1st & 2nd terms, starts Aug 20, 2018
(Onsite or online)
120.720.01: Applying Reproductive Biology Literacy Through Service-Learning
**Prerequisite: 1st term Fundamentals of Reproductive Biology course, 120.620.01**
2nd term70
300.712.02: Formulating Policy: Strategies and Systems of Policymaking in the 21st Century2nd term35
305.607: Public Health Practice
**Must enroll by the first day of class**

2nd term
4th term


224.697, 224.698, & 224.699: Qualitative Research I, II & III            **Must concurrently take 224.690 & 224.691**

Must take 2nd, 3rd & 4th terms100
305.684: Health Impact Assessment3rd term25
410.610: Health and Homelessness3rd term35
312.621 (Course) & 300.840 (Special Studies Seminar): Strategic Thinking Service-Learning Seminar3rd term50
380.640 (Course) & 380.840 (Special Studies): Children in Crisis PracticumMust take 3rd & 4th terms120
410.677.60 & 410.678.60: Theory and Practice in Campaigning and Organizing for Public Health I & IIMust take 3rd & 4th terms150
180.605: Food System Sustainability Practicum
For a brief description of the practicum component of the course, please review here.
4th term55
380.612: Applications in Program Monitoring and Evaluation
**Prerequisite: 380.611 Fundamentals of Program Evaluation course in 3rd term**
4th term50

Steps for Completing a Practicum Course

  1. Identify a practicum course.
  2. Register for the course and submit a Practicum Learning Plan to the practicum team.
  3. Complete and submit a Final Report. Final Reports are due 2 weeks after completion of the practicum experience. Note: If the practicum experience ends during fourth term, the Final Report is due May 1, 2019.