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Office of Student Life

Leadership Alliance

The Leadership Alliance provides opportunities for underrepresented students in academia, business and the public sector. It supplies funds for summer internships where students engage in mentored research projects.

If you are interested in the Diversity Summer Internship Program at the Bloomberg School, you can apply for funding through the Leadership Alliance.

Leadership Alliance students are housed together and can enjoy a range of activities available to them – from special seminar presentations to the Artscape Festival.

For more information, please visit the Leadership Alliance website or contact the Office of Student Life.

Selection Process

In January of each year, the Leadership Alliance supplies the Bloomberg School with applications from undergraduates interested in the Diversity Summer Internship Program. Those applications include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, biographical information and personal statements outlining areas of research interest.

With a list of faculty interested in mentoring a Leadership Alliance student, Bloomberg School staff then try to match the research interests of the students to appropriate faculty mentors. They then send acceptance letters to the students who must then declare their intention to participate.

If you are a faculty member interested in mentoring these highly motivated, high-achieving students, email for more information.