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Office of Student Life

Diversity Summer Internship Program for Undergraduates


Are you an undergraduate student interested in exploring the world of public health research?

The Diversity Summer Internship Program (DSIP) at the Bloomberg School of Public Health is a 10-week summer program that provides undergraduates with a graduate-level, independent research project in the biomedical or public health field. For a printable one page handout about DSIP, click here. Dates for DSIP 2021  TBD. 

Students work under the direct mentoring of accomplished Johns Hopkins researchers, gaining valuable experience in a collaborative, challenging and fun environment.

The Diversity Summer Internship Program welcomes applicants from all over the United States, including underrepresented and economically disadvantaged areas. 

DSIP is one of several summer programs on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. Information about other summer programs can be found on JHMI's summer program page. Please note: DSIP does not share an application with programs in the School of Medicine.  For questions, about JHMI programs, email  

Leadership Alliance Applicants

Johns Hopkins University is a Leadership Alliance (LA) partner. The University is one of many summer research sites. As such, LA applicants, who select Johns Hopkins University, are reviewed by various JHU summer programs.  Those who are interested in DSIP need to list our program in their essay when they discuss their interests in summer research. To be considered for DSIP, LA applicants need to meet the program's general qualifications listed below. 


Undergraduate students (U.S. citizens or permanent residents) enrolled in a degree-seeking program within a U.S. college or university are eligible to apply. Applicants should have completed two years of study prior to beginning the program. Preference is given to students who have one or two years of undergraduate study remaining and seniors who have applied to a graduate program in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Students from underrepresented minority groups and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in careers in public health, science, and medicine are encouraged to apply. For additional information, visit our FAQ's page

Past Projects

Participants in the Diversity Summer Internship Program (DSIP) work with prominent researchers in various departments throughout the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Medicine to study a variety of subjects. Some of the centers and departments which have supported interns in the past include:

  • Autoimmune Disease Research Center
  • Center for Adolescent Health
  • Center for American Indian Health
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • Health, Behavior and Society
  • Health, Policy and Management

Below are examples of poster titles from past projects:

  • Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Bar and Nightclub Employees
  • Optimization of Recombinant Soluble HLA-DR1 Protein Production for In Vitro Studies
  • A New Mouse Model of Chronic Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis 
  • The Association between Neighborhood Disorder and Hypertension Mediated through Stress 

Comments from DSIP Alumni

"DSIP was one of the most amazing and challenging experiences of my life."
-Treasure Ramirez, DSIP 2019

"DSIP was more then an internship. It was an experience geared towards building future public health practitioners. Not only was I exposed to the world of molecular microbiology and immunology, but I was also constantly supported and challenged to find my voice and figure out the next step in my professional development."
-Austin Castellanos, DSIP 2018

"This program differed from my past internships in that my mentor at Johns Hopkins University was more accessible in a way that promoted learning while allowing a lot of independence as well." 
-Brooke Gipson, DSIP 2017

"This was more than just a research experience, it was also a program of mentorship."
-Jelonia Rumph, DSIP 2016

"I appreciated that this program focused not only on my academic growth but my growth as an individual. I was appreciated and respected for my contributions. As a result I felt encouraged to grow as a person and as a scholar."
-Jessie Davis, DSIP 2015


Program Alumni from the Bloomberg School 

DSIP alumni are encouraged to apply for graduate studies at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Congratulations to the following DSIP alumni who are now graduates from the Bloomberg School of Public Health: 

Class of 2020

  • Paul Delgado, ScM, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, DSIP 2017
  • Eric Hofmeister, MHS, Environmental Health Engineering, DSIP 2017
  • Joseph Wilson, MHS, Environmental Health Engineering, DSIP 2018

Class Of 2019

  • Brooke Gipson, MHS, Environmental Health Engineering, DSIP 2017
  • Keana Kaleikini, MHS, Environmental Health Engineering, DSIP 2016

Class Of 2018

  • Yarelix Estrada, MSPH, Health Policy and Management, DSIP 2015
  • Pola Olczak, ScM, Biochemistry Molecular Biology, DSIP 2009
  • Summer Rak, MSPH, Health Policy and Management DSIP 2015/2016
  • Alexandria Schmall, MSPH, International Health DSIP 2016
  • Raquel Serruya, MHS, Environmental Health Engineering, DSIP 2017

Class Of 2017

  • Yinka Bode George, MHS, Environmental Health Engineering, DSIP 2016
  • Tichelle Porch, MHS,  Health, Behavior & Society,  DSIP 2013 
  • Annu Sharma, MHS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, DSIP 2013/2016
  • Chynae Vicks, MSPH, Health, Behavior & Society, DSIP 2012

Class Of 2016

  • Daisy Colon Lopez, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, DSIP 2008
  • Aqsa Jamil, ScM, W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, DSIP 2012

Class of 2015

  • Amanda Belknap, MSPH, Population Family and Reproductive Health, DSIP 2012
  • Christina Bischoff, MHS, Health, Behavior & Society, DSIP 2012
  • Ben Schanker, MPH, DSIP 2008
  • Xiayou Wang,  MPP, Health Policy and Management, DSIP 2012

Class Of 2014

  • Cynthia Gallardo, MHS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, DSIP 2008/2009
  • Jelani Harvey, MHS, Health, Policy and Management, DSIP 2012
  • Miranda Jones,  PhD , Epidemiology, DSIP 2007/2008

Class Of 2013

  • Jackie Ferguson, MHS, Envrionmental Health Sciences, DSIP 2012
  • Nekeshia McInnis, MSPH, Health Policy and Management, DSIP 2010

Class Of 2012

  • Jessica Brandt, MHS, Environmental Health Sciences, DSIP 2011
  • Tamandra Morgan, ScM, Genetic Counseling, DSIP 2009
  • Oscar Nnoli, MHS, Micromolecular Biology and Immunology, DSIP 2008/2009
  • Robert Shin, MHS, Environmental Health Sciences, DSIP 2009
  • Jennifer White, MHS, Population Family and Reproductive Health, DSIP 2009