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Policies & Guidelines

University Policies

  • Acceptable Use and Security of Johns Hopkins Information Technology Resources [PDF]
    JHED Authentication required
    These policies set out the requirements, responsibilities, and expectations for all users of Johns Hopkins IT resources and describe specific security responsibilities for custodians or restricted information and systems administrators.
  • JHU Copyright Compliance Policy [PDF]
    It is the policy of The Johns Hopkins University to comply with copyright law.
  • Web Accessibility
    This JHU website is designed to connect people with University services and information related to all aspects of accessibility.
  • Use of Name
    Websites are designed to provide a credible source of information about JHU activities, and JHU faculty members’ individual Web pages are an important part of this resource for colleagues, students, sponsors, donors, and the public. Faculty and staff may not create and/or maintain any external (i.e., non-JHU) website that contains university or divisional names or logos or gives the appearance that this site is part of the university. 

Bloomberg School Policies

  • ListServs
    There are several schoolwide listservs for distributing email messages to faculty, staff and students, and there are guidelines associated with how messages can be sent to these groups, as well as how frequently. Contact us for details.
  • Photography, Use of
    To protect the School from liability, you must obtain written permission for any people you photograph and use in print or on the web.
  • School Logo Policy
    The official School logo must appear on all official web pages, publications and material representing the School. See this page for some general guidelines.
  • Social Media Policies
    The Office of External Affairs manages the official social media channels for the Bloomberg School and offers consultation and guidance for faculty, students, and staff venturing into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other forms of social media.
  • Web Policies
    Official website policies statement for and website properties.