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The Communications Team

  • Lymari Morales
    Lymari Morales
    Associate Dean for Communications and Marketing
  • Miranda Mayuiers
    Miranda Mayuiers
    Marketing Strategist
  • Neiman Outlen profile image
    Neiman Outlen
    Administrative Coordinator
  • David Croft
    David Croft
    Director of Digital Strategy and Web Services
  • Jonathan Herndon
    Jonathan Herndon
    Lead Web Developer
  • Aaron Madhavan
    Aaron Madhavan
    Front-end Web Developer
  • Frank Cefalu
    Frank Cefalu
    Drupal Architect
  • Shannon Durkin
    Shannon Durkin
    Digital Project Manager
  • Brian Simpson
    Brian Simpson
    Director of Content and Editorial
  • Melissa Hartman
    Melissa Hartman
    Associate Director of Content and Editorial
  • Lindsay Smith Rogers
    Lindsay Smith Rogers
    Content Strategist
  • Grace Fernandez
    Grace Fernandez
    Communications and Marketing Specialist
  • Dayna Kerecman Myers
    Dayna Kerecman Myers
    Managing Editor, Global Health NOW
  • Jackie Frank
    Jackie Frank
    Associate Editor
  • Annalies Winny
    Annalies Winny
    Associate Editor, Global Health NOW
  • Robin Scullin
    Robin Scullin
    Director, Audience and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Barbara Benham
    Barbara Benham
    Associate Director of Media and Public Relations
  • Carly Kempler
    Carly Kempler
    Media and Audience Engagement Specialist
  • Robert Ollinger
    Robert Ollinger
    Director of Creative and Brand Management
  • Hitomi Kurumoto
    Hitomi Kurumoto
    Graphic Design and Production Specialist
  • Nick Moran
    Nick Moran
    Associate Director, Audience Development
  • Brenda Hageter
    Brenda Hageter
    Social Media Specialist
  • Joshua Aspril
    Joshua Aspril
    Digital Design Specialist
  • Xinyi Liang
    Xinyi Liang
    Social Media Coordinator
  • Spencer Greer
    Spencer Greer
    Video Production Manager
  • Tarun Bhatnagar
    Tarun Bhatnagar
    Project Manager
  • Catherine Ricardo
    Catherine Ricardo
    Project Manager