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Office of Academic Affairs

The Academy at Johns Hopkins

The Academy at Johns Hopkins is a joint facility that supports the continued research, teaching, and service of retired faculty of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

Honoring retired faculty for their exceptional wisdom and experience, the Academy will actively engage motivated retired faculty in the Johns Hopkins community in ways that benefit our students, disciplines, and institution, and that support the ongoing professional fulfillment of retirees and those faculty members in a phased retirement program.



Academy Location and Facilities

The Academy’s physical home is in the renovated East Reading room of the historic Welch Library. This setting is deeply symbolic. The Welch Library is named after William Henry Welch, the inaugural dean of both the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and subsequently, the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, the first School of its kind in the country. The Welch library has served as steward of the academic achievements of the three divisions located in the East Baltimore campus and represents the past, present and future of their associated sciences. The Academy’s suite includes comfortable spaces suitable for private meetings, individual study, small and larger group gatherings, symposia, and social events. Its design incorporates a full business center, kitchen, conference room with video and web conferencing capacity, personal lockers, and an administrative office staffed by a full-time program manager.

Membership for JHSPH faculty members

The Academy opened on October 2, 2018 and enrollment is currently open. There are two levels of membership based on intended Academy involvement: Affiliate and Scholar. Affiliate membership is available to all JHSPH professorial faculty who are retired or approaching retirement, wish to have access to the facility, and may want to attend Academy-sponsored events. Scholar membership is reserved for retired professorial faculty who are interested in ongoing, active engagement and service to the School and/or University and willing to commit at least 20 hours a year to such activities. Scholars are offered a $500 pre-loaded Visa card as stipend to pay for expenses associated with these activities, including parking.

Details of membership and enrollment can be found in the Academy Handbook [pdf].

Forms for Academy Participation

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