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Office of Academic Affairs

Senior Faculty Transition Initiative

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health faculty members provide the foundation for the School’s excellence.

At some point, most of us make a decision that it is time to move on from a full-time faculty appointment. When that time comes, we hope to be treated with the respect that a career of academic service has earned. The purpose of this website is to provide senior faculty with information to assist in making the decision to wind down from their current academic position and move into a new phase of life and personal fulfillment. The decision to retire and planning what to do during retirement is often fraught with professional, psychological and financial concerns. This is particularly the case in academia where professional and personal lives are often so integrated that it can be difficult to imagine the latter without the former.

Here we provide information on three related but distinct facets regarding faculty retirement, collectively termed the JHSPH Senior Faculty Transition Initiative.

  1. The new Phased Transition Program for professorial faculty who meet eligibility requirements (effective October 15, 2018)
  2. Enhanced access to resources by compiling important JHU documents, general information on retirement including the existing literature related to retirement specific to academia, and notice of on-going events to assist in this process
  3. The Academy at Johns Hopkins, a new facility located in the newly renovated East Reading room of Welch Library with membership available to senior faculty

Download an overview of the Senior Faculty Transition Initiative [pdf].

Need more information?

Whether you are thinking about retirement in the next few years or are a less senior faculty member who just wants to understand what the university has to offer, your are urged to visit the JHU Benefits website and contact the office to speak with a retirement counselor. They can provide personalized information about post-retirement medical and dental insurance options, 403b and social security distribution information, the paperwork necessary to initiate formal retirement and a wealth of other information. In particular, we suggest contacting Carlton Raither, Benefits Consultant (; Phone: 443-997-5888) or Diana Abbott, Benefits Service Center Director ( 

However, the JHU benefits office cannot provide information about faculty appointments, details about the JHSPH Phased Retirement program, or the Academy. If you have questions about those, or suggestions about how the School can assist you in this phase of your career, ask your department chair or contact:

  • Janet DiPietro, PhD.
    Vice Dean for Research & Faculty

  • Erin McEvoy
    Senior Associate for Faculty Appointments & Promotions