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Office of Academic Affairs

Academic and Research Ethics

The Academic and Research Ethics course (formerly known as Research Ethics) is now required for ALL students in the first term in which they are registered.  Responsible academic and research conduct is a key element of graduate education and necessary to the School's mission.  Students at JHSPH are expected to adhere to the highest responsible conduct in both academic and research settings.  Enrollment in this course upon matriculation to the School reinforces the importance of these core values.

Please note that this change DOES NOT affect the requirements for taking an in person Responsible Conduct of Research course for all PhD students.  PhD students also continue to be required to take this on-line course (Academic and Research Ethics at JHSPH) upon matriculation.

Academic and Research Ethics at JHSPH are covered in a series of on-line interactive modules. Information is presented about the Academic Ethics Code and Responsible Conduct of Research at the School. Please note, both modules must be completed in order to satisfy requirements for the Academic and Research Ethics course. 

To access the course and complete the modules please Visit the Academic and Research Ethics Course Website.