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Step 4: Submit Your Site

Submitting to the Open Directory Project
The Open Directory Project (ODP) is a comprehensive directory of the Web, not a search engine. It lists and categorizes websites. The ODP provides directory services for many search engines on the Web, including AOL Search, Netscape Search, Google, Lycos, DirectHit, and HotBot. 

You can submit your site to the Open Directory Project by going to and following the instructions.

Submitting to Search Engines
You can also submit your URLs directly to search engines. They all have different policies, so read each engine's instructions carefully. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Submit all your important (top-level) pages.
  • Don't submit too many pages at once--submit a few pages each day for several days.
  • Don't submit the same page twice to the same engine on the same day.
  • Keep track of what pages you submitted where, and when.
  • Allow a few weeks for the search enginge to rank you site.

Submitting to Google
Go to and follow the directions. Google requests that you submit only your top-level page. You do not need to submit each individual page because their crawler will be able to find the rest of them.

Submitting to Alta Vista
Go to and follow the directions. You may submit up to five URLs to be added to or removed at no cost.

Submitting to Lycos
Go to and click on Free Site Submission. There, you can create a user profile and submit your URLs.

Submitting to Zeal
Go to Locate the most appropriate category for the URL you are submitting. On the right side of the screen, click on "Add a Site Profile" and follow the directions.




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