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School Website Guidelines and Policies

The School's website has been designed to reflect the School's mission and goals, and to maintain its position as the premier school of public health in the world.

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While every department, center, institute and initiative is important to the School as a distinct and individual entity, the first goal of every website hosted on is to promote the School as the sum of its impressive parts. To this end, every website designed by the Department of Marketing and Communication will:

  • Complement the websites of other departments, centers and institutes
  • Tie in visually and thematically to as a whole
  • Uphold the official School logo and branding, and where appropriate, official University logo and branding
  • Require that website administrators keep their pages up to date

For editorial usage and style guidelines, use the School’s Style Manual.

Some of the ways in which the Department of Marketing and Communication builds websites to be consistent:

  • The School's name is prominent and is positioned in the same place on pages throughout the site
  • Navigation options are global and standardized
  • Fonts, colors and type sizes are pre-determined

Search Engine Rankings
The prominence of our School's position in search-engine rankings depends in part on having all department, center, institute and initiatives websites linked to the School and to each other. For this reason, consistency among the websites is important.

In addition, the Department of Marketing and Communication staff will be able to advise website administrators of best practices for optimizing search engine rankings. Using Site Executive (a content management system), administrators will be able to optimize rankings by careful and consistent use of:

  • Page titles
  • Meta-tags
  • Content summaries
  • Information architecture

Keeping Your Website Current
The Department of Marketing and Communication designs websites in order to secure the School’s position as the number one school of public health in the world. To do so, websites should provide up-to-date information for every visitor to the site. After the Department of Marketing and Communication has completed the design and build of a department, center, institute or initiative website, that site’s administrator is tasked with keeping the content current.

The Department of Marketing and Communication will review websites semi-annually to see that they are current. If a site is found to be outdated, a notice will be sent to the department chair stating that the site must be either (a) brought up to date or (b) taken offline until updates can be made by the administrator.

Measures of Website Success
All Site Executive sites are indexed by WebTrends, a software program that tracks

  • visitors to each site
  • who is visiting the site
  • how frequently the site is visited
  • what pages are most popular
  • how long visitors linger on a site
  • how many daily hits a site gets
  • what keywords are used to find the site
  • other valuable data that help administrators refine and maintain their sites with an eye to achieving maximum exposure.

Centers may log onto the WebTrends page at any time to view their reports.

More information

For information about our content management system, Site Executive, click here.

For information about Section 508 Compliance for making our websites accessible to people with disabilities, click here.

In Conclusion

The Web team has content writers and editors, a programmer, and a Web designer to help you with the process of building your site. A project request form can be accessed online at



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