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Use of Photography

Photography of Students, Faculty and Staff

Students and employees who are present in facilities operated by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (the School) are subject to having their images captured, such as by photograph, video or electronic means. In addition to using such images for security of personnel and facilities, the School reserves the right to use images of students and employees in their ordinary activities to promote the School. Such images may be used in paper brochures, electronic format on the Internet or other media. By your presence in these facilities, you consent to the capture of your image and its use by the School.

Photography of People Outside the Bloomberg School

People whose images are captured, such as by photograph, video or electronic means for use by the School must sign a Photographic Permissions Form.

Download Photographic Permissions Form

Photography Rights

All photography used on the School's website must be royalty-free. Any photographs that are rights-managed will not be permitted. Royalty-free photography is defined as any photograph which does not require any additional royalties on a use-by-use basis. Rights-managed photography is defined as any photograph which is licensed on a use-by-use basis.



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