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Benefits of Site Executive

We strongly recommend that Site Executive be used for all pages of any website residing on the School's servers. Site Executive helps users maintain a clean, easy-to-update site, and offers features and benefits not available to sites built within an HTML environment. The Site Executive software is constantly being refined and updated with new features and enhancements that make it easier to use and more customizable to the School's unique needs. After reviewing the continued success we have had with Site Executive, the School of Medicine, as well as the University, has decided to use Site Executive for their websites. The benefits of designing a site with Site Executive include:

  • Changes to the School's overall website, whether in design or content, can be applied and updated globally. Since no announcement will be made concerning global changes made to the School's site, whether to navigation, terminology, links, content or design, those sites not within Site Executive will run a much higher risk of becoming outdated and inconsistent.
  • Staff who maintain the site do not need to know HTML or FTP technology to update and change content.
  • Training in Site Executive costs $200 and is offered monthly in the Welch Center computer labs at 2024 E. Monument Street. Click here for more information.
  • All material added to a site via Site Executive will be reviewed by Web-content editors before the site goes "live," thus minimizing embarrassing content or style errors.
  • All Site Executive sites are indexed by WebTrends, a software program that tracks visitors to each site, who is coming and how frequently, what pages are most popular, how long visitors linger on a site, how many daily hits a site gets, what keywords are used to find the site, and other valuable data that help administrators refine and maintain their sites with an eye to achieving maximum exposure. Centers may log onto the WebTrends page at any time to view their reports.
  • Updates and enhancements to Site Executive are continually being made, based on feedback from both content writers and visitors.
  • Site Executive allows keywords to be typed into descriptors to aid search engines and directories with finding and indexing your site, which improves search engine rankings.
  • Site Executive incorporates many support features of Section 508 (see "Section 508 Compliance," below), as well as advanced Priority 2 and 3 requirements of the World Wide Web Consortium.

The Web team has content writers and editors, a programmer, and a Web designer to help you with the process of building your site. A project request form can be accessed online at

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