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Policies Concerning the School's Calendar of Events

What Events are Appropriate for Promotion?

  • All events on the calendar and on the listserv must be sponsored by the Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  • Announcements must originate with the faculty, staff or students of the School.
  • Only authorized student organizations may list events on the calendar and send emails via the School of Public Health listserv. An authorized student organization is one that has been officially recognized by the Student Assembly after going through their recognition process. A list of authorized organizations can be found on the Student Groups page
  • Events from other University divisions may be announced, provided there is a co-sponsor from the Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  • The calendar may be used to announce special events only. Ongoing, routine meetings may not be promoted because of the volume of such meetings.

How to Post an Event to the Calendar

If you have an event that meets the criteria above and you want to post it on the calendar on the School's Internet site, complete the online form as soon as you have your event details finalized.

Announcements of Events Should Contain:

  • the date
  • time and place of the event
  • any cost associated (or "Free")
  • who is sponsoring the event
  • a School contact name and a School phone number and e-mail for more information

Announcements of Events Should Not Contain:

Messages may not go out over any of the School's listservs as long as they contain an attachment, for fear that a virus or worm might be broadcast throughout the School. Please include all your information in the body of the email itself, or else direct your readers to a hotlinked URL for additional information.

Announcements of Events Should Use the School's Correct Name, Address, and Acronym:

  • School's official name: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (not "Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health," "the Bloomberg School of Public Health," etc.)
  • School's acronym: JHSPH (not "JHBSPH," "BSPH," etc.)
  • Name of the School's main building: Wolfe St. Bldg. (not "Hygiene")
  • The correct mailing address for the School is "615 N. Wolfe Street." (Note that "North" is abbreviated and that "Street" is spelled out.)



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