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Institutional Review Board

Thesis Documentation Form (IRB/ACUC Approval) for Doctoral Students

The Office of Academic Affairs facilitates adherence to the School’s policies and procedures for satisfactory degree completion.  In fulfillment of this mission, one of Academic Affairs’ tasks is to track IRB and/or ACUC approval for doctoral students to ensure that doctoral degree students conduct dissertation research under proper institutional approvals. Once you have a final research application for your dissertation research project, you should initiate the appropriate steps to obtain those approvals either from the JHSPH IRB or from the IRB at the institution where the research will be conducted.

The Office of Academic Affairs will send doctoral students an email approximately 3 months after passing their preliminary oral exams and forming a thesis advisory committee.  The email reminds students of the requirement to obtain IRB and/or ACUC approval for student dissertation projects, if applicable.  Also, the email will contain the thesis documentation form that students must complete.  This form documents their IRB/ACUC approval and is signed by both the student advisor and the academic coordinator. The form must either be returned to Academic Affairs in W1033, or sent electronically to Melissa Cooke so that it may be placed in the student’s academic file.

Click here for Thesis Documentation Form