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Institutional Review Board

Reliance Agreements and Single IRB

Information on Reliance Agreements

This page provides information on how the JHSPH handles different arrangements with external IRBs.  The JHSPH will assume IRB oversight responsiblities for external institutions in very few situations.  It will defer its review responsibilities to external IRBs when requested by the Sponsor of a study, and in some other specific situations.  The JHSPH PI must submit an abbreviated application in PHIRST as part of the process, and review the following materials prior to requesting that JHSPH enter into a reliance agreement with an external institution.  

FAQs on Single IRBs (sIRBs) at Johns Hopkins University for JHSPH Investigators

Effective September 25, 2017, the NIH requires that all grant applications for U.S. based, multi-site, non-exempt human subjects research studies include a proposal for a single IRB (“sIRB”) to review the research for all participating domestic sites.  International sites are not included in this mandate.  When sIRB services are required by a sponsor, and a JHSPH PI wants JHU to serve as the sIRB for a study, the School of Medicine (SOM) IRB will review all sIRB requests for sIRB services, and if approved, will serve as JHU’s sIRB for all Divisions.  JHSPH investigators who want JHU to rely on a sIRB at an external institution should follow procedures outlined below (FAQ #6).