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Institutional Review Board

Progress Reports

Submit to IRB Office electronically via email. Please complete form online, then save to your computer. Otherwise, the fill-in boxes will not work.

Continuing Review is required by the federal government, state law, and institution policy. The JHSPH IRB must review every active non-exempt study at least once every 364 days, depending on the length of the approval period granted by the IRB. The IRB does not have the authority to make exceptions, so if a PI fails to submit a Progress Report before approval lapses, all research activity must cease.

The Continuing Review Form should be limited to informing the IRB about the study activity that has occurred since the last IRB approval. It should not include details of changes to the research application or associated documents; all such proposed modifications must be presented through an Amendment Application. The Continuing Review Form does request that the PI provide a list of amendments approved during the period of approval. The PI may submit the Anticipated Event Summary Form and/or the Protocol Deviations Summary Form with the Continuing Review Form, as appropriate.