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Institutional Review Board


The Amendment process is not part of PHIRST (yet!), and requires submission of one of the forms below. Please submit to the IRB Office email box at Please complete the form online, then save to your computer before attaching to an email. Otherwise, the fill-in boxes will not work.

A PI must submit proposed changes to an IRB approved research application  and obtain IRB approval of those changes before implementing them. The Amendment Application must explain the proposed changes and how they will affect the ongoing study. If the changes include modifications to any of the previously submitted documents, provide a track/change and clean version of each revised document, and give each document a clear version name consistent with the title on the document (see Guidance on Document Control and Naming Conventions.)

There are two Amendment Application forms, each of which addresses specific types of changes to the study. (See Guidance on “Submitting Research Changes to the IRB”)

Note:  Grammatical corrections and clarifications to recruitment materials and instruments do not require IRB review until the next Progress Report is submitted.  List those changes and explain them at that time on the Progress Report.