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Information Technology

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) offers the most cost effective way to print, scan, and copy materials.

These services feature:

  • Sustainability - Older printers use more energy and offer fewer eco-friendly options than newer, energy-efficient printers. Newer printers use less toner.
  • Cost savings - Toner and supplies are expensive! When you print to an MPS printer, you only pay for the prints produced. The rate includes the cost of the printer, toner, service, maintenance, and paper. It is more cost-effective than buying these items separately.
  • Security - You can securely print to any centralized MPS printer. The means you can send a print job from your computer, walk to any centralized MPS printer, swipe your badge, and release the print job.
  • Mobile Device Printing - You can print from your mobile device to any of the centralized MPS printers.


For more information, please visit this site (this site requires proper authentication).