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Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV)

What is the purpose of a resume/CV?

The purpose of a resume/CV is to GET AN INTERVIEW! An employer will select applicants on the basis of how well their skills match up with the job requirements.  Sometimes the difference between getting an interview and being placed in the “no” pile is a well put-together resume/CV.

 Top two things to remember about resumes/CVs:

1. RELEVANCY – how relevant is the information about yourself to the position you are applying for?

2. CLARITY – how clearly can you present this information to the audience reading your resume/CV?




  • Goal: Construct a professional identity
  • Lean toward brevity
  • Position-driven
  • Have more than one version
  • Strong emphasis on content & action verbs

Sample Resumes from Career Planner

         Hybrid Style                                  Chronological Style                         Functional Style

Hybrid_Resume_SampleChronological Style ResumeFunctional Style Resume

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Goal: Construct a scholarly identity
  • Lean toward completeness
  • Exposé of work life; a “living document”
  • Continuous catalog
  • Less emphasis on content & action verbs              

Sample CV from Career Planner


Sample CV - JHSPH Template

JHSPH CV Template