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Career Services

Winter Break Checklist

Take advantage of your winter break by reviewing and following up on career and job search activities. Here are a few things you can do to get your job search off the ground for the new year!

_____  Review your current resume. Your current resume should begin to incorporate your degree information at the Bloomberg School. List concentrations, relevant coursework, capstone projects, etc. Create one long resume which includes all education and experience plus thematic resumes for your different interest areas. You can visit the Career Services Office webpage on RESUMES & CVs.

_____  Helpful Resources. Visit the Career Services webpage to get more information on interviewing, networking, review past events/presentations, etc.

_____  Log into Handshake ( to review employer information and see what jobs employers are looking to fill. 

_____   Develop a Networking Plan. Identify and choose people to connect with. Begin with people you know…faculty, classmates, former employers and colleagues, family members, and alumni.  Collect new contacts and develop relationships. Create advocates who can be vigilant for new opportunities on your behalf.

_____  Network. If you do not already have a profile in LinkedIn, create one now. If you have a profile, take the time to review and edit your current profile.  Or upload your resume into LinkedIn to complete your profile.

_____   Research companies. Identify five organizations that you could envision yourself working for once you complete the program. Know as much as possible about the organizations that interest you.  

_____   Engage in informational interviews.  Contact alumni in the specific geographic area in which you seek employment ( Treat the informational interview like any job interview.  Wear appropriate attire, bring questions and resumes, and be prepared  to talk about yourself and your skills.

_____  Identify a few faculty who you would like to be connected with 3-5 years from now. Networking helps you learn more about your field of interest. Most jobs are found through networking.  Focus on quality relationships with key faculty, rather than quantity.

_____  Staying in Baltimore for the Winter Break? Come to the two-day Career Services Winter Intersession Course - A Toolkit for Career Success & Community Life Competence.

_____  Familiarize yourself with other public health job databases:  Emory’s Public Health Employment Connection; Public health; etc.  More public health job hunting websites can be found at our Careers Services website.

_____  Research salary ranges in your specific field and geographic location(s) of interest.  There are many informational sources on the Internet.

_____  As you plan your spring schedule, set aside a couple hours each week to devote to your career search.

_____  RESUMANIA – Part 2. Keep an eye for another RESUMANIA event to have a quick 10 minute review done of your resume.

_____  SAVE-THE-DATE for the Annual Public Health Career Fair in Feinstone Hall and Gallery. It always takes place on the 1st Friday in March.