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Career Services

Career Resources

The Bloomberg School's Career Services Office wants to help you prepare for the next stage in your public health career by...

In addition, the Bloomberg School's Career Services Office also provides a number of helpful online resources.

Below are some additional resources that might be valuable as you navigate the world of public health jobs. You can also contact the Career Services Office with any questions.

Career Resources In The Hopkins Community

JHU Shared Resources Website

This site contains resources applicable to all students across disciples at Johns Hopkins, and is intended to supplement existing career office sites and provide additional resources for our schools that have limited online offerings. It follows the career development process and  includes information on self-assessment, researching career paths, making decisions, taking action, and managing careers. It contains specific information on international employment and for PhD/Doctoral Students and Postdoctoral Fellows. The schools worked together to select and vet dozens of websites, podcasts, books, and other resources including a small group of paid career tools which are being funded jointly by the schools and SSEI.

JHU Career Offices