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Career Services

Business Card Service for JHSPH Students 

Updated 9/29/17

The Career Services Office is pleased to offer the opportunity to order Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Business Cards. We encourage you to take advantage of this service given the importance of business cards in your career search when networking with employers, alumni, and colleagues. 

The 2017 Business Card Service will begin on September 11, 2017 and end on October 6, 2017.

The cost for business cards is:

Business Card Sample


Business Card Service - Ordering Process

1. Open the JHSPH Business Card Order form. (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer recommended.)

2. Enter your name, degree title, address, phone and email in the PDF.

3. Save your form as a PDF on your computer with your name as the file name.

4. Send email with completed order form to with attached file.

Note: If paying by credit card, fill out JHSPH Business Card credit card form and send with order form.

5. Review card proof to ensure information accuracy. Card proof should be emailed 2-3 weeks after submission.  Note: Additional charge will be added for significant changes to card proof.

Note: Business card orders will NOT be completed until payment is received. Ordering business cards from a vendor not approved by the university is not permitted.

Business Card Service - Step-by-step webinar (4:41 min)

1. Name -- Use full names (no nicknames). Degrees already completed should appear as the last name.

2. Degree -- Below are the only acceptable options for listing your degree type.

Note: Candidate is reserved for students scheduled to graduate at the end of the academic year. Unless you meet this criteria, use student. Month and year of graduation after degree is optional.

3. Additional titles -- are allowed, but need to be JHSPH/Johns Hopkins affiliated.

4a. Concentrations (MPH students) -- Concentrations should appear one line below the degree title.

4b. Certificates/Degree Tracks -- Certificate titles (or degree tracks) should appear one line below the degree title.

5. Department name -- Department names should appear one line below degree title. Note: only for degrees offered by departments.

6. Address -- Home or JHSPH Address (615 N. Wolfe St. Baltimore, MD 21205) is recommended.

7. Phone number -- Cell phone numbers are acceptable.

8. Email -- email address is recommended. Personal email addresses are also allowed.

Note: The Career Services Office reserves the right to modify business card order forms when necessary.


Students outside of the area can have business cards mailed to them for a fee. Shipping rates range from $8 - $12. Charges for shipping will be collected when business cards are ordered.